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22 dec 1997
so kiddies what have we learnt in december? first of all thanks to everyone who per cheesed a copy of our new eat me alive ep (which has currently sold out, more copies available in january). the band are well pleased that we shifted so many in just one week, watch out spice girls! cheers again...
so... possibly a few to many gigs in december both for the band and for you lovely people too, fun though they were. weave will be taking a well earned rest now for a couple of months to rehearse and generally get themselves sorted. the eat me alive ep will still be available at sounds good to me too in bedford and of course from us here at world wide weave hq, sorry to those people who are still waiting for their copies, early january we hope. we currently have a reserved list of about twenty to which your name can be added if you so wish (to reserve a copy of eat me alive e-mail us).
don't forget our christmas party at the kings arms in bedford on tuesday 23rd december, this is our last gig until late feb/march 1998 and is also the only gig of the year when the band are allowed to go on stage pissed! so it shouldn't be missed.
weave enjoyed cambridge and should be going back there at some point next year.
things to come in 1998...more gigs in london, luton, milton keynes, cambridge and some universities and colleges. weave are trying to get more weekend gigs as this seems better for people travelling from all over to come see us (big thanks!)
thanks for a great 1997 ...love weave xxx


22 nov 1997
our new e.p. is currently in production and will be available at the esquires gig on the 7th december.
there is one new gig to report, it is a thirst club gig at esquires level 2 in bedford, supporting mover.
we have at last had some pictures done with andy, some of these will be on display on this very site very soon.
thanks to everyone who came to the kings arms all day band thing, sorry we didn't play but there's only so much piss that can be taken out of you by venue owners! also much apologies from tom to anyone who tried to talk to him and found him...well...away with the pixies!
the weave mailing list is proving to be quite a giggle, much fun had by all. if you haven't joined yet then I suggest you do so before the novelty wears off!


26 oct 1997
following on from the last entry, the gig on 30th oct has now been moved to 11th december, also much gigs have been sorted for december, check the gigs page for details...
the eat me alive e.p. is now mixed and ready for duplication so hopefully it should be available very soon...
the weave e-mail list is now up and running so sort it out and join NOW!, if you haven't already...
we have a new song almost ready to go, should be making its first appearance in december. this song is the first weave number to be completely written by andy. lyrics available in the next site update (and when the bloody song has a title!...sort it out eh andy!)

12 oct 1997
not a lot happening apart from the gig on 30th oct has been cancelled for now but only until we get a new date sorted.
the eat me alive e.p. will hopefully be available in november or december, much more news on this next week once the recording is done and dusted.
hopefully the weave e-mail list should be up and running this week, big thanks to mark rogers for doing the biz!


29 sep 1997
the studio is booked and we are raring to go! the songs we are recording are as follows: big mistake, song & eat me alive. we may do another if time permits.
big big thanks and hugs to jeff for making this forthcoming recording possible!!! unsigned bands like ourselves would be nowhere if it wasn't for the help and support of such triffic people. a big chhheers from the bottom of our hearts!

16 sep 1997
good news...we have had a second play on the evening session on radio 1, hopefully next time one of the band might actually hear it!!!
the next weave recording is almost set, more news as soon as we know!
ok moan time...those bloody smegheads from leicester who go under the name of weave have phoned up midas and told us to change our name...said we nicked it...funny that...seeing as us (the ONLY weave) have been together three years and our namesakes a mere one year...no, but wait, perhaps WE are mistaken and our concept of space time has been wrong all this time and our friends in leicester are about to prove old Albo and Mr Hawking wrong...we await further developments (by the way if you do go and see weave and they have a crap logo and play said old pub rock music, it's not us OK!) oh and we told them to bollocks aswell, I think we all know which band will changing their name and our lawyer knows for a fact it won't be us...(end of moan, sorry bout that)

8 sep 1997
bonjour fellow weavers! at last we return! thanks to all who came to the esquires gig on saturday, it was a truely excellent gig, possibly the best yet in bedford.
the next gig is the headline slot at the mean fiddler on the 23rd september, fellow bedford band skipsy will also be playing at this gig. There will be a coach running for the bargain price of 6, leaving at 8pm from the golden lion pub and tickets are 4 to get in to the venue, a night out in london, to see two bedford bands for a tenner can't be bad!
we're back at the golden lion every wednesday evening for our open rehearsal type thing, come down if you like it might be a crack!
that's it, e-mail us for coach reservations or any other info...


31 jul 1997
at last our ickle web site has been of some use!!! much unhappiness last month when carls bass and andys amp were stolen from carls car in a pub car park. this month the police have found carls bass but needed dates times for which they used our web site ...wicked!
the band is now on holiday for three weeks so nothing much to report at the moment. upon our return we will be gigging at esquires on the 6th of september and doing much recording as someone has thrust some money at us to do a new demo for which we are very grateful...thanks loads!

21 jul 1997
first of all sorry for the delay between updates, as regular weavers will know things have been most hectic! ok here's the outcome from the loot 1997 music awards final...we came second...lemon incest won and played at phoenix and we got a mixing desk and a silver disk. we had some interest on the night from eastwest records (again!) and we got sir bob geldolf and carter usm swinging their respective stuffs! thanks to all who came to support us, it was an excellent experience, especially the t.v. stuff!
the plan for the next couple of months is much rehearsing and recording all our new stuff, with andy, in a good studio. this time we'll try and capture what we sound like live a little more than the last recordings. keep ya posted!

2 jul 1997
if anyone was listening to radio 2 yesterday afternoon they would have heard our very own carlos hooleydooley (the king of bass) on ed stewarts accumulator quiz. much plugging of the band occurred and carl managed an honourable second place with 11 points...a RealAudio sound clip of this outstanding event will be available very soon!!!


27 jun 1997
our time on stage at lazy sunday (july 6th), bedfords very own open air festival, has been confirmed. weave are on stage at 7pm. the festival is located in the grounds of the college, and is completely free so see you there!

24 jun 1997
aaarrrggghhh!!! the venue for the loot final has moved to the subterania located off west London's Portobello Road, 12 Acklam Road, Ladbroke grove, London W10. the gig is free to get in but...(and here's the catch)...you must get there between 6.30pm and 7.15pm, after which time the doors will be shut as the venue is already full with industry and suits (record companies, radio, tv, etc). this has kind of shafted our coach idea as it would have to leave bedford at about 4.30-5.00pm when most people are still at work. we do need much support though so if you have any ideas or are willing to drive ooorrr something give us a shout, after all if we're going to be on the telly we don't see why you lot shouldn't be too! sorted!

8 jun 1997
thanks to our loyal fans who turned out in force at esquires where we supported chaser and boom boom mancini, both fine bands but I think it's fair to say that weave stole the show. much jumping about, dancing, singing and fun was had by all. tom apologises for the one song where he forgot how to sing in key, but hey, even weave make mistakes!!! (well tom especially!!!)

2 jun 1997
thanks to all who came to the mean fiddler, great gig even if we did get stuck with the opening slot!!! possible gigs on the way are as follows...tallington lakes (somewhere near peterborough I think), lazy sunday open air festival - bedford in july & a venue whose name escapes me now in dundee - scotland!!! we also learnt this week that MTV are now interested in televising the loot final, weave could indeed be playing their geetar on the mtv!!! one other thing (if anyone is interested) the last of toms blonde hair has been cut off revealing the long lost brown bonce once more!


27 may 1997
just a quick note to say thanks to all at the golden lion on saturday night (24/5/97), it was a truely excellent gig, probably one of the best ever!!! and who said pub gigs were crap??!! andy lost his gig virginity as if he'd been doing it for years and we basically got the whole place jumping! after four encores though we were a bit cream crackered but it was well worth it......WEAVE ARE BACK!!!!!! one more thing to say..."sex, it's a very funny thing..."

21 may 1997
COMPETITION!!! at the risk of being a bit up our own arses we're running a competition to win two tickets to the final of the loot competition to be held @ the mean fiddler or the grand (t.b.c.) and this of course is going out on the telly. there are also three runner up prizes of a copy of our CD single 'TTWT'. the question is really difficult and you must be a massive fan of the band (or just be able to read) to get the right answer ... Q - how many members are there in weave, now I know you'll lose sleep over working that one out but when you do finally arrive at the right answer please e-mail it to jason @ midas creations who can be reached on the following address:- ashley@boots.com or alternatively see local bedford press soon for more details ... jolly good luck kiddies
other than that there is no other new stuff to report, apart from andy has settled in quite nicely and has been helping out on the songwriting front, we now have five brand new songs, in as many weeks. much joy and happiness!!!


19 apr 1997
the lastest is WEAVE ARE BACK in a big styleee. the first open rehearsal at the golden lion was a massive success and will be continuing for the foreseeable future. we also have new material on the way and all in all a fantastic week has been had. there will be a coach for the mean fiddler gig on 30th may so mail us to book a place.

12 apr 1997
here's the latest. we're going to start doing an "open" rehearsal each week at the golden lion pub, goldinton road, bedford. it will be every wednesday from about 7.30pm, so feel free to come down, say hi, have a pint and a listen to us making a racket! see ya there!
WEAVE ON THE TELLY!!! we have found out this week that the final of the loot national band competition on friday july 10th is being televised, so remember to bring your biggest smiles and whitest teeth!!!

8 apr 1997
midas have agreed with our choice new drummer, so it's official!!! keep an eye out for piccys coming soon, along with more details...... also big thanks to neil who was a close second choice

6 apr 1997
weave have a new drummer!!! his name is andy from bedford, fits the band like a glove...of course we have to run this past the powers that be at midas creations but we're sure they will be sold as we are. watch this space after tuesday for more news.


29 mar 1997
word is getting out about the drummer situation. we have phoned and visited three drummers today they all seem really cool, auditions are next sunday. watch this space for more news!!!

16 mar 1997
weave need a drummer ... click here for more info

12 mar 1997
midas creations have done a storming job on our behalf once again! mr matt taylor has sorted a deal with grapevine to distribute our products across the country, but it gets better......midas have provisionally decided not to distribute TTWT but to RELEASE A SECOND CD SINGLE! currently rumoured to be the very popular stuck on you. much joy and happiness!


23 feb 1997
we have just found out today we were played on the evening session on radio 1 this week!!! how cool is that? we have heard the track played was pit (track 2 from our cd single) on tuesday at about 8pm. please mail us if you also heard it.
weave have played and won the semi-finals at the loot battle of the bands competion at the mean fiddler in london. the prize was 1000 worth of music gear which will be presented to us at the grand final where the winning prize will be a chance to play at the PHOENIX FESTIVAL. weave will be playing the grand final on the 10th july at the grand or mean fiddler (tbc) in london