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tom writes...
previous bands and general own trumpet blowing (because no one else will!)...

  • trail of tears guitar, backing vocals & some songwriting
  • room21 lead vocals, second guitar (on some songs), songwriter
  • weave lead vocals, guitar, songwriter

musical highlights (in no particular order)...

  • esquires, bedford, november 1998 - supporting samurai seven and ten benson.
    I honestly believe this is one of the best gigs we have ever played musically. we were as tight as a gnats chuff, the singing was spot on and there was not a single mistake from either one of us. also the crowd were good and we loved every minute.
  • beer festival, peterborough, august 1998.
    one of the biggest PAs we've ever played through and also one of our largest ever audiences.
  • esquires, bedford, september '97 supporting tampasm.
    our best ever gig so far in front of our home crowd and my personal favourite. great audience and great atmosphere.
  • the loot national battle of the bands final, the subterania, london, july '97.
    televised and judged by sir bob geldolf and carter usm. probably the best we have ever played.
  • room21, the woughton centre, milton keynes, dec '95.
    we supported the wishplants and we literally got the place jumping and screaming. stuart marconi & mary anne hobbs were in the audience and were suitable impressed. stuart marconi mentioned room21 on radio 1, tipping us as the next big thing for 1996...oh how little he knew!
  • room21, esquires, bedford, dec 31st '95.
    headlining the new years eve show at esquires. this was one of the few times that bedford got into the room21 sound. it was a really cool gig.
  • weave, oct/nov '96, securing our publishing & record deals
    getting the publishing deal with IMG was excellent and although we had a lot to do with the setting up of midas creations it was still a big leap forward.
  • weave, the mean fiddler, london, dec 19th '96
    weaves first gig at the mean fiddler, the original and best to date.
  • weave, 20th jan '97, debut single release.
    this was a great time for us, hearing that first play of our single then there were three on chiltern radio in turn leading to many other plays including the evening session on radio 1

tom likes...
sitting on my fat arse in a comfy chair, song writing, playing guitar, eating, shed seven, blur, the mask, independence day, pissing about with computers, staying up way past my bed time at weekends, red dwarf, sir chris evans, mcdonalds breakfasts, chocolate, mule, stockings, driving in the middle of the night, toast and vegemite, the obvious, having a laugh, smoking, cheese, the bedford music scene, disturbing films, good lyrics, big red chewing gum, cherry coke, the phoenix festival, posh spice and your sister

tom dislikes...
a certain ex-drummer, being overweight, not being able to give up smoking, working, writers block, people who think anyone on the internet is a geek, going to town on a saturday, people who drive down the middle lane of the motorway for miles when there is nothing to overtake, the lack of money in the music industry for the average bloke on the street, tyre kickers, headaches, network administrators

internet sites what tom likes to visit...
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that's it ... love and kisses ... tom