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1 sept 1999
hey kids! sorry for the lack of news for the past few weeks...no excuses other than the usual busy life stuff...oooh and having a baby!
so here's the latest...I'm afraid the rumours are true, weave will be playing their last two gigs ever in august and september 1999. here's the reasons for our forthcoming split -

  • 1. cos we feel like it!
  • 2. see #1
    hopefully there's something new coming soon (look out for 'hooley') featuring ex-member or ex-members of weave. you can also see tom in 'madison' in and around london.
    thanks to those of you who came to the millennium festival gig (on both bloody days!) we ended up playing on the monday after sunday went tits up! the up side of this was that we headlined not only mondays bands but also the entire festival! we enjoyed playing this one a lot and hopefully this showed in the performance...
    this probably isn't the last news entry on this web-site as we will no doubt keep you all posted on what occurs from now on. in the mean time thanks for the last four years, it's been alright, I'm sure you'll agree...see you on the 10th sept at esquires for the last ever gig and 'end of weave' party...
    ...finally...tom and lorraine pearson are pleased to announce the birth of their son aaron scott on 29th july 1999 (bless!)...then there were three...:)
    and also - then there were none...


    13 june 1999
    after the success of this weekends gig in bedford town centre we have been offered a massive gig which is happening in august. on august bank holiday weekend weave will be playing at the millenium festival to be held at shuttleworth, old warden (which is a few miles outside bedford in the countryside). the event takes place over three days and we will be playing on the sunday, probably (confirmation and times to follow soon). this will be our biggest gig to date and we might have trouble filling the stage with the three of us, due to said stage being the bloody great dome thing they use for the glastonbury festival!!! needless to say we are well excited about this gig...we're looking forward to hearing the sounds of weave through a PA system the size of a small hotel!!!
    studio update - we will be recording in early july, so probably no gigs that month (but don't quote us on that).

    8 june 1999
    last minute gig announced!
    weave will be playing this coming friday (11th june) at our old favourite the kings arms in bedford. we will be a bit rough around the edges due a slight lack of rehearsal but don't let that put you off! this gig is also part of the sounds alive weekend. support will come from mr matt roberts. free entry as ever.

    6 june 1999
    looks like we may have got ourselves sorted (for five minutes anyway!)...we're playing next saturday (12th june) in bedford town centre (harpur square)...we will be unrehearsed and as rough as you like but it should be a laugh...see gigs for more details...probably our last gig as weave...and yey it was written that weave will soon be known as hooley.
    should be going into the studio at the end of june...keep you posted on that one.
    byeee for now...


    31 may 1999
    many thanks to clare turner from the times & citizen for the great write up and piccy in said paper...should be scanning said article and sticking it up on the site soon.
    the islington red eye gig on 5th june has been cancelled due to internal band type problems...nothing dodgy, we're just having trouble all being in the same place at the same time.
    two thirds of weave will soon be going into the studio to do some experimental stuff with a couple of our songs, probably some time in june.
    our main news is the big name change. the red eye gig was going to be our last gig under the name of weave, so next time you see us we will be known as hooley...which is of course nicked from carls surname. we quite like it and are pretty confident that no one else will be using it, unlike weave...just out of interest we know of five other weaves in the UK, one in oz and two or three in the US...highly original eh?!?!...also the old one word/one syllable names are a bit dated now...good luck to all the other weaves though (apart from those arrogant tossers from leicester!)

    7 may 1999
    we won the final...fantastic!!! cheers everyone for your support. our main prize was some recording time at lost boys studio which we will be doing as soon as poss, we'll also be playing on the sounds alive stage in june and at the millenium concert in august (?) ...more info soon...
    coming soon to this site we have some new piccys thanks to the very lovely clive and liz, and all four tracks from the eat me alive e.p. in mp3 format.
    more news very soon...

    3 may 1999
    we won the semi-finals so we're through to the final, which is this coming thursday at esquires level 2...if you miss it you'll miss our brand new cover song and you'll never forgive yourself! see you there...


    12 apr 1999
    latest news - we just won the first heat in the sounds alive battle of the bands by a clear fifty points...thanks to those who came along on a dismal monday night...for those of you who didn't make it you can catch us in the semi-final on monday 26th april...triffic!!!

    9 apr 1999
    thanks to all who came to the thirst club gig on saturday, I think we all agree that it was a fine gig and mucho fun was had by all.
    we now have some more details for the sounds alive gig this coming monday 12th april - the fun starts at 8pm and our place on the bill will be decided on the night so we suggest that if you're coming you should get there for 8pm. admission is £2.50 or £2 with flyer available from tom...mail tom@yoghurt.demon.co.uk and he'll sort you out.
    if you have ever seen our good friends banachek play then you will remember phillipe the guitarist...phil has recently been dabbling in modelling and is doing quite well...this month (sick bags on standby) phil can be found as the page 3 pin up in just seventeen!!! no honestly!!! it's true!!!
    one last thing - the kings arms gig with madison on saturday 17th april has been moved to saturday 8th may...

    3 apr 1999
    weave are performing at the first heat of the bedford sounds alive battle of the bands on monday 12th april upstairs at esquires...no times or details yet...we will post them here as soon as we know...but we do know everyone is welcome to come and lend their support...
    see you all at esquires tonight for the big thirst club gig...


    9 mar 1999
    there's another new gig booked in april @ esquires (confirmed last night)...click here for details.

    1 mar 1999
    we have two new gigs to report. the first is a warm up for our red eye gig... this will be a low key affair with no publicity just for our friends to come and laugh at us for being so rusty! the second should be a more high profile job. both gigs will be the same format: weave and madison (matt roberts new band) at the kings arms in bedford on friday 12th march and saturday 17th april.
    sad news about banachek splitting up. they were one of the finest bands around. as you are probably aware we were supposed to be playing with banachek at the red eye gig. hopefully banacheks place should be taken by another band we know...we're in the process of sorting this now.


    19 feb 1999
    we have another new song to called 'songs that say baby', it could be the new happy song...
    take a look at the mPULSE web site. not sure how it's going to pan out at the moment as it's new, but we're on there. basically it's a glorified web counter for bands and artists, everytime our site is visited or one of our songs is listened to they count it and stick us in a chart...so c'mon kids rack em up!
    we are hoping to do a gig one friday night in march at the kings arms in bedford to showcase all our new material and also to warm up for the london gig on the 24th of march, hopefully more news on this next week. expect a set of brand new or nearly new material...
    ...I will not say babe or such clichés...

    8 feb 1999
    so we've had our first try out with a drummer (thanks a lot to the wonderful tasha baylis from london for coming all the way to bedford for us, bless!) and mr andy telford on vocals and it went pretty well. some songs work better than others, with a couple of really outstanding numbers that could have been written for andys voice...andy seemed pretty comfortable with the situation so we shall pursue it a while longer and see what occurs. chances are andy will be permanently singing one of new songs, 'yet' whatever happens so keep your ears out for that one.
    things to come - of course there is the islington red eye gig with banachek on march 24th plus a couple more support gigs with the newly named madison featuring friends of weave, matt roberts, tasha baylis and twig 'the wonderkid' webley. we should also be doing a low key warm up gig for 99 one friday evening at our old favourite the kings arms in bedford.
    we also hope do be doing a bit of recording very soon, possibly even next month which we will keep you posted on as I know a lot of people have been after some new recorded material for a while now. don't expect anything as well produced as the eat me alive ep but do expect an honest recording of as many of the new numbers as we can do. the songs we would like to do are monday mourning, bottled up, go away, great revenge, just like you, [untitled]?, pantabyss, inadequate and possibly one of the brand new ones. maybe we'll do them all maybe we'll just do three or four...
    ...I tremble in perfect time...


    28 jan 1999
    we have our first confirmed gig of 1999. it will be at the islington red eye supporting banachek. full details are on the gigs page. we will be running a joint banachek/weave coach from bedford, more details of this as we sort it out.
    speaking of banachek we've just heard that phil the guitarist has been signed up by a top modelling agency and is currently in paris auditioning for a catwalk show...how showbiz is that!!!
    we're trying out a couple of drummers over the next two weeks but we're still after some more musicians to come and have a go if they think they're hard enough! we're also after your new band name ideas.

    20 jan 1999
    we now have our new plan well and truly in motion. the main nub of our 1999 assault is to try a few things out musically to see if we can't improve things a bit, if we can't improve things it doesn't really matter as we're bloody great already and we shall stand up and say proudly "no need to fix what isn't broken", but these things have to be tried. a new page is on the site which explains things a bit better, and if you click here you can read it! our current favourite idea is to bring mr andy telford to the front of the stage and recruit a new drummer, but we are open to other ideas as well. as weave fans know already andy is a bit of an all rounder and he is massively talented, not only at playing drums, but also at singing and guitar playing, so it could be very interesting...
    we have been (and will be) writing some new stuff and the best offerings so far can be found on our songs page. we have also archived a few of the older numbers into the 'old songs' category...
    we have the first of many (hopefully!) new gigs in london coming up in a couple of months time thanks to our new found contacts in our fine capital city. the gig will be at the twelve bar club in central london. this is a small industry club to showcase songwriting talents, so we are hoping to finally get to play our songs to the right people in the right place at the right time, a rare treat!...
    please do spread the word and rack your brains for any musicians you may know in the local area who we can try out a few ideas with...cheers big ears...

    7 jan 1999
    happy new year and stuff! hope everybody had mucho fun over xmas...
    not a massive amount to report at the moment as we are currently getting our battle plan together for 1999. we do have a load of new songs we are working on (well four!) and as soon as they are finished the lyrics will be posted on our songs page.
    ...bye for now...


    H M M U E B N G P S L C

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