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jan 99
weave require musicians...

we are currently looking to expand our musical horizons, a sort of fresh start for 1999. we are looking for a forth member in weave who will bring in some good ideas and interesting sounds. we are not sure yet exactly what we want so if you're interested in trying some stuff out with us the options so far are as follows...

  • guitarist - we are looking for someone who will not just come in and copy toms guitar parts but someone who will bring new and exciting ideas and sounds.
  • vocalist - in a vocalist we are looking for someone who will initially sing in a similar style and range to tom but bring in new ideas and melodies as the transition period progresses.
  • drummer - we would like to try andy out on lead vocals and second guitar but this means finding a new drummer who is up to our standards...remember less is more!
  • keyboards or samples - we don't want to go down the 'drumloops/drummer in headphones' road but we would be quite interested in hearing our music with some pretty whooshy noises or nasty beepy sounds. ideas most welcome.
  • something we haven't thought of - do you think you could add something to our band? we'll try anything once, if we like it we sometimes try it twice!
we are based in bedford england so would ideally be looking for someone local who someone who doesn't mind travelling to us. we are also toying with the idea of changing our name to go along with the whole fresh start thing. by the way, we don't need anyone with titanic sized egos as we all get on fine at the moment and would it like to stay that way.

so why should you join us?
...well ok 1998 was a bit quiet, but we have been busy getting contacts in london so we can rekindle the 1997 buzz for this year. 1999 should see some very good gigs in london venues in front of the right people...sort of right place right time gigs which are bloody hard to come by unless you get to enlist the help of your hard earned contacts. so that's why you should join, it's a gamble (like joining any band) but a good one.

so that's the pitch if you're still here contact us...cheers...