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Born out of the thriving Bedford live music scene, Weave are a three piece all male guitar based Pop band. Formed in March 1996 when popular local band Room21 split. Tom Pearson the lead singer felt that the band was not going the way it should, personality differences between the former guitarist and fellow band members and management forced Tom to pick up the guitar himself and make the sound he wanted his songs to have. Former Room21 drummer Shaun Hawkes joined Tom to write and rehearse. Tom and Shauns endless enthusiasm needed a catalyst and auditions were arranged for a bass player. Enter Carl Hooley, laid back and incredibly talented, set up his gear and simply said ‘sorted’. Within ten minutes Weave was born.

The usual round of fan base building gigs supporting the likes of Dweeb, These Animal Men and Speedy, between endless rehearsals followed. The band gaining more and more experience both live and in the studio recording two demo cassettes Fiveminustwo and So Stupid, both of which they sold through local independent record shops. In November 1996 Weave were signed by indie label Midas creations with a world-wide publishing deal through IMG, and recorded their debut single over three weeks at 742 Studios. A showcase at the Mean Fiddler led to an invite to return to headline a show to coincide with the single release on 20 Jan 1997.

Then there were three tells the story so far . The formula of simple, catchy pop songs around serious and honest lyrics have spawned comparisons with the BritPop scene. BritPop with attitude is probably a better description, sufficiently different to be credible, sufficiently mainstream to be playlisted prior to release by GWR station Chiltern Radio, and draw reviews from national music press. Tracks from the single have also enjoyed plays on The Evening Session, with Steve Lamaq on Radio 1

The departure of Shaun in April 1997 to be replaced by Andy Telford, added a new less rock orientated beat to the set. It also led to the band being invited to headline at the Mean Fiddler in London and in turn to enter the Loot National Band competition. After winning all their heats the band played at the televised Grand Final on 10 July 1997 at the Subterania in front of an audience including Sir Bob Geldolf, Carter USM and other record company guests. A compilation CD, including two Weave songs, was produced to coincide with the event to promote the Loot competition.

Weave have since recorded the Eat Me Alive E.P. which sold out in Bedford just four days after release. The Eat Me Alive E.P. showcases the updated Weave style since the addition of Mr Telford and also shows the songwriting diversity that Tom and Andy achieve so easily. Following the success of Eat Me Alive, Weave were offered the chance to play to a one-thousand strong audience at the 1998 Peterborough Beer Festival. This superb performance showed how Weave can shine in a festival environment.

Weave are hoping to record and release some new material in 1999.